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Unexplained Pulsating Light Over Germany

Whatever this was, it has people wondering what it might be. It happened on June 22nd, this year. Other pulsating lights have been seen around different locations as well – although the colors and scale seem to vary in size. The biggest question is, what is this? Most people think we are not alone in

Devil’s Bridge, a delightful curiosity

This devilish curiosity, is nestled away in Germany’s Kromlauer Park. Here, an unusual bridge still stands, dating back to the 19th century. The crossing is amply named “Devil’s Bridge” because it was deemed so dangerous, due to being built by Satan itself. The bridge itself still stands, yet it is prohibited to cross nowadays. This

Humans are nothing but energy vampires

Sometimes when we meet someone, something just feels off. This person seemingly rubs you the wrong way, they give off a bad vibe. It happens when we meet certain people. Beyond different personality traits, we will either connect or disconnect with specific people. There is a reason for this. They are draining our very energy,

Flowers mysteriously keep appearing at dead girl’s grave

Time has passed, since a beautiful young woman died. Those that knew her, mourned over her in loving memory. To date, it remains a mystery, why each day since 1867, fresh flowers continue to appear at her unique grave memorial, located in the Alter Friedhof cemetery. The name of the 16 year old girl, is

Twin German brothers turn a bathtub into flying passenger drone

This time it isn’t a hot tub time machine, it’s a bathtub converted into that of a flying machine. The idea is completely ridiculous, yet several brothers from Germany, decided to make an outrageous drone powerful enough to hold a passenger. Seen in the video, is one of the brothers going to a local market.