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Guardian Angel Believed To Be Deceased Brother

There are many things in this world that we marvel over. Certain moments simply cannot be explained by logic. These unexplained mysteries happen for whatever different reason. These moments, sometimes help define who we really are in this world. Often things happen to us for a reason, which we cannot understand until we ourselves leave

Angelic Spirit Protects Child From Evil Entity

This remarkable story, dates back several years ago…when a 40 year old mother named Natasha Rummelhoff, explained and shared her amazing photograph. Her son Ryker, was only 5 years old during this time. She swears that something was lurking in the darkness, known as “The Black” and it was ready to do harm to her

Don’t believe in Guardian Angels? Watch this

Some call it luck, while others call it divine intervention. Seen in this video compilation (which focuses on automotive accidents) people’s lives are nearly cut short. However, something seemingly urges them to move in a specific direction, right at the very last moment. Many of these are jaw dropping, as rational logic cannot seem to

Signs people miss when contacted by their guardian angel

When we think of different moments of being safe, we reflect upon different memories from our childhood. Growing up in a loving home, is what any kid can ask for. Our parents try to keep us safe from harm, no matter what it might be. Unfortunately, some people don’t have this experience while growing up.

Guardian angels walk among us

They have been sent from heaven to protect mankind. Sometimes they take the form as one of us, or even animals in certain moments. They are known as guardian angels. There are simply far too many unexplained moments, which point to some sort of divine intervention. These moments upon man, woman and child happen during