Hampshire Archive

Mysterious Crop Circle Turns Green In Weathered Autumn Field

What looks like a lush green area of an autumn brown field appears to have turned green. It is believed to be a crop circle of some kind. This unusual sighting is located near a field in Tichborne, Hampshire. This location experienced a partial lunar eclipse which some believe is responsible for the unusual growth that

Personal Trainer Records Ghost At Hurst Castle

In just mere moments it happened. A 33 year old man named Tony Ferguson (who works as a personal trainer) recorded what appears to be some kind of spirit on camera. The figure appears to have glowing eyes and peered out briefly, from behind a window at Hurst Castle in Hampshire. When things like this

Home Security Camera Captures Flying Fairy

This incident, was documented by MUFON (The Mutual UFO Network). The case number is #90907. This home footage caught..what appears to be an unusually shaped winged creature flying through the air. It happened in the evening somewhere in London, back in 2013. The exact month isn’t known, but this was assumed to be sometime in

Fitness Coach catches Flying Ghost on camera

Seen in a quick, yet compelling video snippet, resembles that of a flying ghostly entity. This capture happens fast, but has since bedazzled viewers watching the footage. It took place in a cemetery at St. Mary’s Church, in Hampshire. The living locals, don’t know what to make of it ever since it was released back