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Unknown Creature Chases Car In Russia, Some Think It’s Bigfoot

Whatever it may well be, video footage was taken in Russia showing a large bipedal beast. The video dates back to the summer of 2016, according to various sources. However, this is one uniquely built creature. Unfortunately, the video quality is rather poor, making it much more difficult to authenticate. This isn’t the first time

Dashcam records Bigfoot crossing road in Russia

Seen in this compelling video footage, appears to be a Bigfoot crossing the remote snowy roads of Russia. Allegedly, this video recorded an ape-like beast crossing the road. This incident happened along the snow covered roads of Bashkortostan, near the Ural Mountains. This area, has previously been noted to have Yeti wander around. Many sightings

Bizarre baby creature found in Azerbaijan

Located in the former Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan, is video footage of a rather unusual creature. Some believe, this nothing more than a small monkey—wearing some sort of costume outfit. Meanwhile, others believe this is a new species found upon Earth. The pint sized creature’s hands, can be seen in some parts of the video.