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Ghostly Feet Recorded While Couple Visits Real American Haunted House

Whether or not someone believes in ghosts is their own opinion. Yet, there have been a number of documented happenings around the world recorded on video or someone snapping a rather unusual photo. While a couple was in a known haunted location in Louisiana, they managed to record three sets of ghostly feet wandering by.

Louisiana Man Said A Ghost Planted Crystal Meth On Him

Sometimes people can experience delusions and see things that are not really there in actuality. This is what happened recently, when a man from West Monroe, Louisiana claimed that a ghost planted crystal meth on him. The drug is known to cause a sense of happiness, after being taken orally, snorted through the nose or

Boy Recalls Dying As WWII Fighter Pilot

A young child living in Louisiana, lived a fairly typical life growing up with his family. Now as a teenager, he no longer recalls the vivid nightmares he experienced when he was boy, dying in a plane crash. He remembers being shot down by a Japanese plane, with a red sun emblem on the side.

Woman Sets Fire To Her Couch, Wards Away The Devil

It was a strange site for firefighters in Denham Springs, Louisiana. When they showed up to a RV location, they crossed paths with a 53 year old woman named JoLynn Winn. From what is known, she set fire to her living room couch to “get the devil out”. JoLynn, was later detained and taken to