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Before Trump takes office alien disclosure might take place

The Paradigm Research Group has a history of disclosure in regards to UFOs. Members of Congress including the executive branch, have files relating to the awareness and evidence of extraterrestrial life existence. People are assuming that before President elect Donald Trump takes office as the 45th President of the United States, some sort of statement

Hillary Clinton’s price of power

Amidst the chaotic situation of the United States election has people outraged. With different things happening it has come down to several choices. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both aim to claim the throne of America. People are ultimately going to choose who they deem is the best candidate for the position. The problem is,

Cringe worthy Crooked Hillary Clinton

Some are calling this a battle of freedom vs. tyranny. What is happening in the American election for president is disgraceful and pathetic. Out of an estimated 320 million people living in the country—only a few candidates remain. Are either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump the best choices for president? This can be debated. Both