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Are We Headed For A Terminator-Style Future?

There are many concerns that artificial intelligence (AI) could pose a threat to humanity. Some experts believe that AI could become so powerful that it surpasses human intelligence, and that this could lead to...

Spot robot Boston Dynamics

The Rise Of Robotic Law Enforcement

There are more robots helping out law enforcement lately. These robots would likely save the lives of officers everywhere. Using robots like this, will help lead others to less dangerous situations. Around the globe,...

Future existence aliens are robots

Aliens are immortal robots billions of years old

With much speculation, Susan Schneider from the University of Connecticut and the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton said that in actuality, aliens will not be first met as organic type living things, but...

Atlas robot with friends

Revelation of robots

We have all seen science fiction films showing different robots. Perhaps one of the most famous of them is actor Arnold Schwarzenegger portraying the T-800 Model 101. Portrayed as both a foe and friend...