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The elusive Yeti

Known to have been sighted throughout various parts of the world including: Nepal, Bhutan, China, Mongolia and Russia. These large ape-like cryptid creatures stand at least average human height. Some of them have been...


Haunted harpy in the Sallie House

There have been a number of reported encounters of these foul creatures which savagely ravage people by their claws, they are angry women. It is believed they originated in Greek mythology and are known...

Lost girl road

The lost girl a roadside ghost

Along the roadway, sometimes we see things that aren’t really there. Sometimes your eyes get weary and with the lighting…your eyes can play tricks upon you. Whether or not this actually happened to the...

Gaurav Tiwari

Paranormal investigator dies mysteriously

Paranormal investigators put forth loads of time and energy into trying to capture something extraordinary on camera. With their gadgets they document different experiences as they progress through areas where most people would dare...