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Lea of House Van Doorn and Count Tim of House Van Doorn

Couple Sucks Each Others Blood As Vampires

They live in Austin, Texas and met one another from a vampire gathering. Almost immediately, it seems…it was love at first bite for the bloodlusting pair. Known as Countess Lea of House Van Doorn...

demonic possession Dr. Pflieger

Dallas Doctor Displays Demonic Demented Behavior

People often become distressed in their lives over different things. However, sometimes they might display peculiar behavior out of the ordinary. One doctor living in the Dallas, Texas area took things a bit too...

Robert Cavazos Jr body explosion Texas

Dead body explodes inside of funeral home

Sometimes things happen, that are due to negligence. Either people either being lazy or they are overlooking something that needed to be done. Perhaps the simple mistake of being distracted, causing peculiar things to...

Strange sounds heard in Allen Texas

Strange sounds heard in Allen, Texas

Located in Allen, Texas about six years ago, strange sounds were heard. These sounds were distinctively loud in the video. These occurrences have continued to happen for many years. People have been scratching their...