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This Large Pet Rabbit, Is Nearly The Size Of A Child

Many people online were shocked to see photographs of one particular rabbit. It’s name is ‘Cocoa Puff’ and many are admiring its unusual size. This special rabbit lives with a family in Seattle, Washington.  Having a rabbit like this certainly brings attention. Now, this family’s Instagram page has nearly 300 thousand followers. Most certainly, this

Two Thirds Of Americans Think There Is A UFO Cover-Up Conspiracy

One poll conducted recently back in June, states that most Americans believe there is some kind of government conspiracy of sorts taking place, when it comes to alien life. A company located in Washington, D.C. known as Gallup, Inc. has been conducting opinion polls since 1935. They interviewed a number of citizens recently around the

Man Finds Bigfoot Tracks In Medical Lake, Washington

A retired man along with his wife from Medical Lake, Washington came across tracks in the snow not long ago. His name is Steve Meacham and he is keeping an open mind about what both he and his wife found. The tracks appear to be deep and shaped by a humanoid. Their conclusion along with

Couple Finds Something Scary Under Their Bed

When we go to sleep at night, we expect to feel some sense of security. A couple from the Seattle area, suspected something strange was happening in their home. At first, they didn’t want to believe it might be some kind of paranormal activity. However, they began to notice things moved around inside of their