Turkish Man Saved By Mysterious Stranger

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Nearly being struck by an elongated gate, a man was tapped on his shoulder by a mystery man warning him of impending danger. There are many theories about this video…some think it was divine intervention, while others believe some sort of alien was walking among us, who helped this man for whatever reason. Perhaps even, this unknown man…has some kind of psychic ability and was able to foresee what was going to happen next.

A video was made by UFOmania, which was posted recently on YouTube. During the video, the man walking by and taps Adana’da, who owns a local shop on this street. The moment occurred during the evening, as seen in the video.

The location where this took place allegedly was in Adana, Turkey. The area of the country has a population of around 1.7 million people. With this many people around, maybe someone else out there has another angle recorded of what happened or someone eye witnessed this moment.

The shop owner said in an interview, that he would love to find this mystery man and thank him. Likely Adana’da was saved by a guardian angel. The video says this was captured by CCTV, yet the movements made by the camera, makes it appear to be possibly handheld or mounted on an unstable surface. Regardless of this, the video is quite perplexing. Is this actual evidence of a supernatural type experience recorded on camera?

There are different things in our world which happen that cannot be explained by science. Nobody knows why these things happen but there is a purpose to everything. Perhaps this moment was captured, to show people there is something out there watching over them such as a guardian angel. One thing is for sure, Adana’da was spared from a bad accident or worse. He is a lucky man to walk away from this night unscathed.

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