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Are Humans Secretly Being Grown Inside Laboratories?

The methods that would be used are radical ideas, yet scientists are believed to be experimenting on artificial ways, to create human beings. What would this hold for the future of humanity and the world? Artificial human life, could soon be grown from scratch inside labs. Scientists have already successfully created a mammal embryo, using

President Obama’s Alien Reptilian Shape-shifting Bodyguard Controversy

Ever since this was shared years ago, people have wondered what the heck was going on. There appears to be a bodyguard who resembles that of an alien shape-shifter. Some people believe, that this bodyguard suffered a malfunction that was captured on video. He seemingly appears to be shifting, during certain moments – while then

Strange Conspiracy Surrounds Scary Japanese Girl Photograph

There are two sides to this photograph seen. One is that the Japanese girl featured, has been digitally manipulated in some way. The other belief is, this really happened and has since been covered up by various sources online. Both scenarios further add to the controversy surrounding this rather unusual photo. The young woman featured,

Russian Reptilian Children Shapeshift Alongside President Putin

Seen in a demonstrative video, are children standing next to Vladimir Putin. Everything seems fairly typical during this outing, until a few of the children begin to shapeshift during the video. The entire video makes you wonder. Likely this is some kind of camera glitch or is it? One comment was made: “C’mon guys, you’re