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Everything completely creepy, causing an unpleasant feeling of fear or unease.


Are We Headed For A Terminator-Style Future?

There are many concerns that artificial intelligence (AI) could pose a threat to humanity. Some experts believe that AI could become so powerful that it surpasses human intelligence, and that this could lead to...

Annora “Annie” Petrova

Annora “Annie” Petrova’s Horrifying Tale

Unknown whether or not this entire incident really happened, Annie Petrova, a woman on her way to an early demise, had a mysterious Wikipedia page which no longer exists. It is eerily creepy how...

pine forest woods remote

Something Unnatural Was Living Behind My House

One 64 year old man decided to share their unusually creepy experience online. What they said was most unusual. While outside during the early morning, this person went outside to cease the day. Typically,...