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Indonesian Man’s Corpse Appears To Wave From Inside Coffin

It was quite the spectacle after the video footage was played back. An unknown man from Indonesia was buried during a funeral ceremony. Someone recorded video and later played it back to realize that their left hand can be seen in the transparent opening part of the coffin. The ceremony was held on May 5th

Doctors And Nurses Share Their Creepy Paranormal Stories

While there are many things that go unanswered for, some things are downright unexplainable by rational means. Sometimes things are far beyond what we can comprehend. However, there is a reason these things happen to some people.  A number of doctors and nurses among other medical professionals were asked about their personal paranormal experiences. They

Something Unnatural Was Living Behind My House

One 64 year old man decided to share their unusually creepy experience online. What they said was most unusual. While outside during the early morning, this person went outside to cease the day. Typically, they wake up early at around 4:00 AM. He lit his pipe just before sunrise and had a cup of tea

Guy Continues To Get Calls For His Dead Friend

After pondering about what he experienced, one guy from the United Kingdom still continues to receive phone calls regarding his late friend. She was his good friend ever since school. This girl stepped into his life after noticing his sorrows during school hours.  The two of them soon became close, as time passed…they experienced many