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A mysterious object seen in the sky for which, it is claimed, no orthodox scientific explanation can be found. (Unidentified Flying Objects)

alien angel hair phenomenon

The Perplexing Angel Hair Phenomenon

This rather mysterious substance known as angel hair or siliceous cotton, seems to disperse from UFOs flying in the sky. There has been no known proof officially, yet these tiny threads seem to rain...

Stragglers Spectate Spaceship In South Carolina

Stragglers Spectate Spaceship In South Carolina

While driving from Florida to Charlotte, North Carolina, a couple noticed something quite unusual. They passed by York, South Carolina at night and noticed what appeared to be three different lights off in the...

Pyramid UFO over Pentagon 2018

Friends Record UFO Pyramid Over The Pentagon

While driving late in the evening on December 19th in Arlington County, Virginia friends recorded an enormous object in the sky, shaped like an Egyptian pyramid. Seen in the distance is the Pentagon, which...

UFO sightings

UFO Sightings Are On The Decline

Strangely, UFO sightings have recently been on the decline lately. The non-profit government agency known as MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) reports on average 7,000 reports per month. This number has decreased lately according to...

Australian man records UFO onboard airplane

Australian man records UFO onboard airplane

Some of the best ever video footage of an unidentified flying object, was captured while a passenger was on board an airplane recently on Wednesday. Kerry Forides from Athens, Greece was on a commercial...