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Bizarre Video Suggests Pope Francis Is Merely A Hologram

While many raise questions about what is happening in our world. One can only wonder whether or not the Vatican is attempting to cover up something regarding 83 year old Pope Francis. Did he die from the coronavirus or from something else? Why would they cover up such a thing? Some have suggested that Francis

Ukrainian Hostess Blinks Her Alien Reptilian Eyes During Interview

A rather unusual looking video has been floating around the internet. One co-host from the Ukraine was seen blinking her eyes. The only thing is, her eyes appeared to have a serpentine slit in the middle. The television program where this first aired was from “Atheist to Holiness” on АллатРа ТВ (an internet television channel).

Late CEO Dies Proclaiming We All Live In The Matrix

She was beloved by her peers and was a real go getter. Erin Valenti was found dead inside her vehicle near a residential neighborhood located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Before this, she was reported to be missing.  In Erin’s own words, she stated that intelligent machines are keeping humans immersed in a simulated reality,

Are Secret Alien Locations Being Hidden On Google Earth?

Some wonder whether or not the wall or in this case pixels, are being pulled over our eyes. A conspiracy about Google Earth is, everything controversial is being removed or blocked out. Whether or not this is actually true, is mere hearsay. However, it does make you wonder. Google Maps is another incredible resource for

WikiLeaks Document Confirms, The United States Destroyed An Alien Moon Base

An intriguing document was released by WikiLeaks, stating that the United States had a secret base on the Moon. It allegedly was later destroyed by Russia. Many have thought for years, that something else unusual has been going on since the early days of space exploration. Paranormal researcher Scott Waring said the following: “I was