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People Have Reported Seeing ‘Werewolves’ In Jefferson County, Washington

Lon Strickler from the site ‘Phantoms and Monsters’ received an intriguing story regarding werewolves this year. This incident took place in Jefferson County, Washington. They explained how much they appreciated having a site like this to share what had happened. With so many bizarre things happening in the world today, we must remain diligent. Sometimes

Real Or Imaginary Wolf Appeared In My Basement

I dunno what to say but sometimes things can manifest sometimes right before you. Surely everyone has an imagination, but one person shared the brief encounter with what appeared to be a wolf lurking in their basement.  Back in elementary school, they explained just how they lived. It was a typical family home built long

Witnesses See ‘Wolf Head’ Humanoid In Arkansas

This entire area is surrounded by national forests, it is very rural and a heavily forested area. In two separate incidents, witnesses watched a hairy bipedal beast with dark brown and grey colored fur, appear in Cleburne County, Arkansas. Locally, there are around 25,000 people who live here. Perhaps more have seen this beast, but

Georgia Woman Was Believed To Be A Werewolf

Back in the mid-1800’s, a woman named Emily Isabella Burt, was suspected to be a werewolf. She allegedly terrorized rural parts of Georgia. Emily was a well reserved child and grew up in an area known as Pleasant Hill near Talbotton. The Burt family, came from a predominantly wealthy family. Her shy nature, led some

Father Encounters Shapeshifter In The Wild

Someone who wished to remain anonymous shared their story. This person explained that when they were younger, their father told them a story about a shapeshifter encounter in the wild. This person’s father explained that when he was nine years old, he lived in a small town in Mexico back in 1957. While walking back