Evil entity eye to eye

Eye To Eye With His First Dark Entity

Lucid dreaming, out of body experiences or sometimes what is known as “the phase” are things this man is passionate about. He decided to start up a YouTube channel called ‘Phase Evolution’ and shared...

Creepy Ghostly reflection in glasses

10 Creepy Paranormal Photos From The Web

10. Seen in this photograph appears to be a bony young ghostly apparition. She can be seen standing in the back behind the family group photo. The ghostly woman, appears to be younger perhaps...

Lori McGhee paranormal photograph 3 year old son

Mommy, Who’s That Behind Me?

A woman named Lori McGhee submitted a most unusual photograph. It seems that something or someone, was photographed standing behind her 3 year old son. It is unknown just when this happened but took...