Creepy Ghostly reflection in glasses

10 Creepy Paranormal Photos From The Web

10. Seen in this photograph appears to be a bony young ghostly apparition. She can be seen standing in the back behind the family group photo. The ghostly woman, appears to be younger perhaps...

Lori McGhee paranormal photograph 3 year old son

Mommy, Who’s That Behind Me?

A woman named Lori McGhee submitted a most unusual photograph. It seems that something or someone, was photographed standing behind her 3 year old son. It is unknown just when this happened but took...

Fantastic Fairy Tale Phantom stories

Fantastic Fairy Tale Phantoms

There have been a number of unusual sightings of very small beings flying by people’s eyes, much like an insect – yet more difficult to spot in various terrains. These particular type stories, originate...