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A manifestation or event attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature.

A young girl said she woke up early one morning. This day started off differently than any other. The 16 year old teenager, said they went outside for an early morning smoke, but nearly tripped over a box laying at their front doorstep. Curiously, they picked the box up and later took it inside. After… Read Article →

This video perhaps is one of the scariest on the internet. Seen in mere moments, are several young girls sitting around at a children’s table. It doesn’t take long, until both girls become inherently frightened. At first, one girl points at the other laughing at her being afraid, until she herself becomes terrified. The shrilling… Read Article →

Since the video was released, people have both doubted and been bedazzled by the corpse of St. Innocent. She is on display, inside an open glass case. Visitors frequent Catholic Cathedral in Guadalajara, Mexico, trying to get catch a glimpse of her. One person, got more than they bargained for. Unknowingly to them while they… Read Article →

An astonishing theory about the late Fred Rogers, mentions him having supernatural abilities. Allegedly, he was able to heal people through his consciousness. Fred’s ancestors, were believed to have some sort of angelic DNA. At an early age in life, Fred realized that he had a unique gift, being able to heal others around him…. Read Article →

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