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People Are Reporting More Paranormal Sightings Since The Coronavirus Pandemic

Ever since the coronavirus quarantine, people have been seeing paranormal activity in their homes more frequently. One researcher in particular named John E.L. Tenney said that the lockdown is only helping to promote paranormal encounters. John is a former host from the television series Ghost Stalkers.  It was fairly typical for John to receive reports

Doctors And Nurses Share Their Creepy Paranormal Stories

While there are many things that go unanswered for, some things are downright unexplainable by rational means. Sometimes things are far beyond what we can comprehend. However, there is a reason these things happen to some people.  A number of doctors and nurses among other medical professionals were asked about their personal paranormal experiences. They

Guy Captures Shadow Person With His Camera Phone

When we see things like this, they are often rather questionable. Sometimes they are real head scratchers and this is another example of this. Ever since this video was posted back on December 16, 2016 people have been wondering if this is actually real or not.  The video first starts out with a man from

Two Brothers See ‘Witch’ And A Portal Into Another World

While they were younger, two brothers experienced something rather extraordinary like something from out of a fairy tale. At the time, the older brother said he was 10 and his brother was 8 years old. They were both sleeping on their living room couch. The home was open concept, so everything was out in the