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A large, hairy, apelike creature resembling a yeti, supposedly found in northwestern America.

Seen in this compelling video footage, appears to be a Bigfoot crossing the remote snowy roads of Russia. Allegedly, this video recorded an ape-like beast crossing the road. This incident happened along the snow covered roads of Bashkortostan, near the Ural Mountains. This area, has previously been noted to have Yeti wander around. Many sightings… Read Article →

A man from Las Vegas named Rick Dyer, claims to have slain a 8-foot-tall, 800-pound Bigfoot. It happened near San Antonio back in September of 2012. While out in the wilderness, Dyer used ribs along with deer urine, to allegedly lure the fabled Bigfoot beast. The urine was used around specific areas within the forest… Read Article →

A rather bizarre encounter, allegedly took place in July of 2000. A Dr. Matthew Johnson, has discussed his personal experience, after dealing with a Bigfoot sighting, that is indeed quite peculiar. Johnson is a psychologist who has worked in the Mental Health Field since 1982 in a variety of treatment settings. Many skeptics and those… Read Article →

Back in 2014, three young Russian boys followed what appears to be large footprints in the snow. This location is not far from Kemerovo, near a lake in a remote area. Allegedly, these boys, happen upon a Bigfoot creature. According to Dr. Igor Burtsev, who is a leading Bigfoot and Abominable Snowman expert, said that… Read Article →

Remarkably, a man unveiled what appears to be a Bigfoot head on camera. His name is Peter Caine and by trade he is a dog trainer. His story and evidence may well be the best seen yet proving that Bigfoot is real and not some hoax after all this time. Back in the year 1953,… Read Article →

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