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A large, hairy, apelike creature resembling a yeti, supposedly found in northwestern America.

bigfoot behind tree

Bigfoot Blamed For Elk Graveyard In Idaho

It was a grotesque sight seen by those who transversed through the area of Craig Mountain located not far from Lewiston, Idaho. What was seen was a large elk graveyard littered with bones all...

North Carolina Man Rattled Over Bigfoot Sighting

North Carolina Man Rattled From Recent Bigfoot Sighting

A man named Jesse Walker from Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina said he encountered Bigfoot recently which left him rattled. After the encounter, he was recorded explaining his encounter by Cryptozoology and Paranormal Museum Owner Stephen...

Bigfoot in window

Bigfoot Gets Photographed Lurking By Window

It seems that while you might be sleeping, there could be someone or something in this case watching you. One man from Colorado, allegedly snapped a photograph which shows Bigfoot looking inside his room....