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Spanish Farmer Sees Alien Octopoids While Feeding His Cattle

Back in the early morning hours of August 16, 1968, a Spanish farmer known as John Mateu was outdoors feeding his cattle. He had no idea just how different his day would be. At first, John noticed what seemed like a reflection of some sort, coming from a metallic object from off in the distance.

Small Town Neighbors Believe They Were Abducted By Aliens At Night

For one family, some strange occurrences happened over the course of a night. They live in an undisclosed small town. While the father was an over the road truck driver, they were not around much either.  The mother more or less raised both their little brother and sister. Upon one dark night, the mother was

Ukrainian Hostess Blinks Her Alien Reptilian Eyes During Interview

A rather unusual looking video has been floating around the internet. One co-host from the Ukraine was seen blinking her eyes. The only thing is, her eyes appeared to have a serpentine slit in the middle. The television program where this first aired was from “Atheist to Holiness” on АллатРа ТВ (an internet television channel).

Missouri Man Crosses Paths With Alleged Alien Sisters

An encounter took place back in the year 1992, that changed one man’s life forever. One researcher and author from Northwest Missouri State University named Jason Offutt, documented a rather bizarre incident which occurred. He later posted this story on his personal blog on May 20th, 2008. When Scott Palmer’s family decided to move, they went

Signs You May Have Been Abducted By Aliens

Most everyone knows about aliens and life from beyond our world. There have been many people who have claimed they were abducted by some kind of non-human entity. It seems in recent times, a growing amount of people have come forward stating – they too have been  taken away and experimented upon. It doesn’t seem