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Review: Paranormal Indie Film “The Field”

Written By: Terry Larch

From the very opening sequence of this film, viewers are transported away to a hypnotic and dream-like state of mind, right from the very beginning. This sets the mood for what else follows, which is shocking and rather compelling to the audience as they experience the film. 

The Field has quite an interesting cast with many familiar faces including veteran actress Veronica Cartwright as the character Joonica and Mark Metcalf as Roy the Sheriff. Barry Bostwick also appears in this film, portraying an Art Curator. All their experience in front of the camera shows in each of the scenes they appear in.

Perhaps one of the best things about this film, is the cinematography and direction by Tate Bunker. Each scene is carefully dissected and framed to not be distracting, but a fixation to be studied upon. 

Some of the films ominously eerie remote locations, really become characters upon themselves, as it helps set the mood from each scene transition. This story seems to take place in or around the Wisconsin area. This might explain why actor, director and writer Mark Borchardt appears in this film as well, as he hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

This film seems to have elements of science fiction baked and blended in, with just enough of a supernatural touch. It is kind of unique upon itself, as it seems to cross several different genres.

Little bits of horror also creep into some of the scenes as well, some of them very subtle. The inspiration for the film, stems from different paranormal photographs including both The Solway Firth Spaceman Photo and The Cooper Family Falling Body Photo.

The Field only takes itself so seriously, providing a few moments of humor along the way of this mysterious journey.

The initial setup is straightforward enough, as something horrific happens on a remote farm later purchased by a younger couple, who seem to be madly in love with one another. These characters are played by Tim Higgins and upcomer Kara Mulrooney. 

Things then start to manifest onto the screen, that leaves one guessing right until the very end. One the characters dark tragedy drives the backstory, which is explained as the film moves along. This film is a clever little art house type of production, that should attract a tailored audience who enjoys something kind of different on screen. Watch the trailer for the film below.


Watch out for “The Field” on the following release dates:

Digital release: Tues., Sept. 24

iTunes, Amazon Video, & addl. platforms (TBD Aug. 24)

Theatrical screenings: (Filmmaker and actors in attendance) 

NYC: Sat., Sept. 28 @ 8pm – Anthology Film Archives

CHI: Oct. 1 & 8 – The Gene Siskel Film Center

LA: Thurs., Oct. 3 @ 8pm – The Vista Theatre

Scarefest Horror & Paranormal Film Festival Sept. 12-15

Milwaukee Film Festival, Oct. 17-31 

Twin Cities Film Festival, Oct. 16-26

Driftless Film Festival, Oct. 31-Nov. 3 Opening Night Film

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