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Aboriginal Australians Have DNA From An Unknown Species

While we are all human, some of us might have certain attributes that have yet to be identified. In particular, Aboriginal Australians have been discovered to carry DNA from an unknown species. It is unknown yet what this exactly is. However, it isn’t human per say.  Many scientists have conducted theories about the origin of

Japanese Temple Mysteriously Hides Ancient Reptilian Statue

For whatever different reasons, a rather unusual looking statue was removed from Horyuji Nara Temple, Japan. It is unknown why but some suspect the statue might prove evidence of another race upon Earth. This would change our history and what we have been told. Whether or not this is all but a lie is unknown.

Unearthed 2000-Year-Old Green Serpentine Mask Found In Mexico

A rather unusual looking mask was discovered at the base of a pyramid in Mexico, long ago. There have been numerous findings in Mexico including prehistoric men, dinosaurs, craters, pyramids and more. Any archaeologist would enjoy such a place. This 2000 year old green serpentine mask was found beneath a place known as the Pyramid

Maybe More Than One Loch Ness Monster Survived

The mythical beast, has fascinated people since 565 but was first documented about back in 1802. Later, in 1933 more sightings started to happen. Nowadays, more people have claimed to have spotted or photographed this mysterious aquatic type creature.  More often than not, the Loch Ness Monster has been seen swimming around with one or

Stone Carved Face Found Stumps Archaeologists

This stone carved face was found in North Carolina recently. Someone was plowing a field located in Newton Grove, when they struck a large stone in the ground. The stone was then moved over towards the edge of a field area.  Mary Beth Fitts is an assistant archaeologist from the North Carolina Office of State