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A humorous or horrific story or piece of information circulated as though true, especially one purporting to involve someone vaguely related or known to the teller.

Slender Man has been a part of online speculation ever since June 10th of 2009, when a user named Eric Knudsen mentioned about them on the “Something Awful forums”. Originating as a creepypasta fictional character, this unusual looking tall faceless man, with elongated arms…has become a part of pop paranormal culture. Quite typically, the Slender… Read Article →

Most people believe in something otherworldly or at least the thought of it. Numerous movies, stories and books have mentioned paranormal and supernatural things. Perhaps one of the strangest and spookiest things, to have come along in recent times, is simply a web page dedicated to a little girl known as Repleh Snatas. Quite creepily,… Read Article →

Known as Satan’s Hollow, this location is believed to be a passage into the underworld where the Devil itself reigns. This location has earned another name known as “The Devil’s Dungeon”. The location is somewhere near Kenwood, Ohio. A young woman named Lindsey Vetter managed to find the location and took a number of photographs… Read Article →

When we store away things for safe keeping, we expect these things to be left there for later. What happens when things have been moved or misplaced. Is it merely our mind slipping from memories or perhaps something else? An up and coming fashion designer recalls a night, that simply cannot be explained. She lives… Read Article →

This baffling and gruesome urban legend, takes place within the foothills and forests of Harlan County, Kentucky. What took place here, was one of the worst killings ever. The locals who live here are quite familiar with “Headless Annie”. This rather spooky tale revolves around a young girl who was brutally murdered in Big Black… Read Article →

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