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Do Underground Sewer Monsters Really Exist?

There have been many urban legends and myths about different creatures living underground in sewer systems. Perhaps the most famous is that of crocodiles or alligators moving around rampant inside of sewer tunnel systems. While coming across something like this is slim to none, one can only imagine the nightmare of being stuck underground with

The Eerie Yet Bizarre Grave Of Kitty Jay

This bizarre yet eerily captivating location rests in South-West England. It has since become a well-known landmark in this region. Many rumors about this have circulated in the countryside. Nowadays, the gravesite has been subject to a number of ghost sightings as well.  The actual burial mound is roughly 1 mile North-West of Hound Tor.

More About Gef The Talking Mongoose

Perhaps all of this was nothing more than the human desire to understand something from other-worldly wonder and magic, yet The Legend of Gef still lives on. This small sized mongoose story, has since become a strange twisted encounter and has become more of an urban legend nowadays. Back during September of 1931, a little

The Ghostly Presence Of Resurrection Mary

Known as one of the most haunted spots in all of America, Resurrection Cemetery located in the Chicago area has become a hotspot for people seeing a ghost named “Resurrection Mary”. There is a graveyard located on Archer Avenue in Justice, IL. It is here, where a woman has been appearing before and even communicating

The Legend Of Elisa Day

Back during the medieval times, there was a lovely woman named Elisa Day from Ireland. It was said that her beauty was like that of the wild roses that grew down the river, all bloody and red. One day, a man came to the small town where Elisa lived. He instantly fell in love with