Bizarre Video Suggests Pope Francis Is Merely A Hologram

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While many raise questions about what is happening in our world. One can only wonder whether or not the Vatican is attempting to cover up something regarding 83 year old Pope Francis. Did he die from the coronavirus or from something else? Why would they cover up such a thing? Some have suggested that Francis would be the last Pope ever in these end times.

The video was presented by a channel on YouTube known as ‘To The Lifeboats’. While the clip only seems to last for a few moments, the ending is most questionable. This video was published on April 13th. Italians have suffered great loss during this pandemic. 

Pope Francis

While Pope Francis wandered out upon the balcony, he greeted and waved to everyone. Meanwhile, in the background a strange black dark spot seems to appear behind his right shoulder. Quite literally, Francis disappears towards the last few moments recorded. His body becomes transparent before vanishing entirely. It really is a weird sight to see.

With all the newfound technology in the world, setting something like this up isn’t that far of a stretch. Holograms have been around since 1962, the first publicly known hologram was created by Yuri Denisyuk in the Soviet Union. Afterward, both Emmett Leith and Juris Upatnieks from the University of Michigan create holograms as well. 

These three-dimensional images are created by using the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent type light source. These images then produce the seen images which give off an illusion of sorts, making the object appear to be there physically but not in reality.

There are many conspiracies out there and this would be a pretty big one. Considering all the controversy surrounding the Vatican and what goes on there. It is believed there is evidence regarding extraterrestrials and other mysteries of the world being held in question on the premises of this location.

Whether or not this is really a hologram is unknown, but the possibility of this makes one wonder for sure. Perhaps there is some other logical explanation.

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