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An apparition of a dead person that is believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image.

They are an unusual pair. Both Terry and Linda Jamieson are 53 years old. They are twins who are able to tap into their psychic abilities. Aside from this, they often become possessed by ghostly spirits. Perhaps these is a reason why they are able to tap into predictions of the future. While every prediction… Read Article →

Seen in a perplexing picture, appears to be some kind of ghostly silhouette, standing upright. Looking carefully, it appears to be the ghost of a young woman, standing between several trees. From what is known, this photograph was taken by an Indian woman named Sneha Divekar on 9/5/10. It took place when both Sneha Divekar… Read Article →

When a mother or father tucks their child in for bed. They hope they are safe from harm. Perhaps they are being protected unknowingly by something else as well. A 39 year old woman named Laura Haigh, along with her partner Dean Evans, captured on camera what appears to be some sort of small sized… Read Article →

Seen in a quick, yet compelling video snippet, resembles that of a flying ghostly entity. This capture happens fast, but has since bedazzled viewers watching the footage. It took place in a cemetery at St. Mary’s Church, in Hampshire. The living locals, don’t know what to make of it ever since it was released back… Read Article →

A lady by the name of Mary Ellen, submitted a photograph to the Angels & Ghosts website. She explained, that she had a roll of Kodak film sitting around in an old drawer for several years. At some point, she finally got around to developing it. To her shocking surprise, the image of a phantom… Read Article →

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