Unexplained Mysteries Archive

The curious antique box

You never know what you might find in an antique store. A woman named

Flying White Horse witnessed in West Virginia

In mythology, they are known as Pegasus. These flying horses, are revered with the

The mysterious Blank Room Soup.avi video

This creepy yet mysterious video, has remained unsolved for a decade. It was uploaded

The Washington D.C. black cats of doom

The origins of these superstitious paranormal sightings, date back for centuries. Those who have

Flowers mysteriously keep appearing at dead girl’s grave

Time has passed, since a beautiful young woman died. Those that knew her, mourned

Legend of London’s Time-Traveling Tomb

The Victorians have always been fascinated by the idea of time travel. It seems

Orion’s Belt anomalies discovered by hobbyist

There is much that we don’t understand in outer space. We certainly are not

Irish man discovers hidden dungeon under his apartment

When someone goes to buy a home, they usually look for specific details that

Red glowing eruptions illuminate nighttime skies in the USA!

Many are puzzled over why the sky has changed from nighttime darkness, to a

Hospital patient found dead after teleporting into ceiling

With so many science-fiction books, movies and television shows, it is easy to get

Mystery of the Solway Firth Spaceman photo

Back in the year 1964, a fireman captured one of the most controversial photos

Mysterious disappearances in the Bennington Triangle

Believed to be taken by a Bigfoot or something else, upwards of 10 people