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Unidentified Red Sea Blob Creature Found By Australian Woman

She had no idea what exactly it was, yet this strange red blob appeared to have washed up on the shore. While Debbie Higgs from Mount Coolum, Australia was out walking along the shoreline she came across a rather unusual looking specimen. Whatever it was, it may have been some kind of jellyfish, but experts

Unknown Dumpster Creature Seen In Neighborhood Area

Unable to identify what exactly this thing was, someone witnessed some kind of creature in their neighborhood. They believe it isn’t human but something else entirely. In their neighborhood, they suspect that this creature lives somewhere around the lake area where they live. Around this location is a forest and is likely somewhat remote.  Certainly,

Photograph Shows Unknown Tiny Humanoid Somewhere In North America

They are either known as the Bagwajiwinini, Pukwudgie, Apa’iins or Pai’iins in North America. Like a chameleon, these smaller size creatures are able to blend into their surroundings, making them incredibly difficult to see.  One photograph was taken by Crypto Four Corners International founder and researcher JC Johnson. They were out exploring near the Canadian

Unidentified Creature Remains Wash Up At Monkey Island Beach Shore

The location is in South Carolina, where one person discovered (along with their dog) the remains of an unidentified creature. It is unknown exactly what this is. Some are thinking these remains are part of some kind of experiment gone wrong.  From what is understood, scientists from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases,

Mysterious Creature Filmed Deep Within The Indian Ocean

Whatever this was, it is assumed to be from another planet entirely. This mysterious creature seems unlike anything else ever seen before. Speculations are, this is some sort of alien entity. It first appears as a geometric type shape, then seemingly transforms into a squid-like creature with illuminating lights displaying from it.  This bizarre entity,