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Encounters of the Mantis Men

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Ferocious skin-walker found in the wilderness

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Nightmares of the Megalodon

Believed to be one of the greatest living things on Earth, this enormous sized

The infamous Bahia Horned Beast photo

Known as the Bahia Horned Beast, this photograph was supposedly taken by an American

Trail biker captures dog-monkey creature on his GoPro

Not much is known about this video, which shows a monkey or “dog monkey”

Bizarre baby creature found in Azerbaijan

Located in the former Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan, is video footage of a rather

Mermaid encounter recorded by cameraman out on location

While many out at sea have claimed different sightings, nobody has been able to

Pombéro creature captured on camera

Dating back to Guaraní mythology, where people from South America live—a most unusual creature