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The opposite of angels, they are destructive in nature reeking havoc upon humanity by magical ways.

During an intriguing interview seen on the YouTube channel Leak Project, a man named Ra Castaldo, explains how he nearly made the biggest mistake of his life. The entire encounter, was something from out of this world. Although the lighting and quality isn’t crystal clear, Ra genuinely appears to be shaken up about it. Rex… Read Article →

Living out in a remote area, a couple experienced the unimaginable. They shared their story with the Ghosts & Ghouls website. One night, while living just outside of Panama City, Florida, they glanced out and noticed something unbelievable. It seems that a large black massed entity, is haunting or living in the woods near their… Read Article →

In life, there are many things which we don’t understand. Sometimes, we try to label things, so that we can understand them better. It seems that in the country of Singapore, a maid is seen behaving rather strangely, after she finished her shower. Even from the first glance captured on a CCTV camera, the maid… Read Article →

As with most stories about siblings, they tend to either get along either very well or not much at all. Rarely, there is a balance of both. Several sisters grew up together and along the way, they bumped heads a bit like most siblings do. However, this time around, things were quite different after all…. Read Article →

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