Category: Demons

The opposite of angels, they are destructive in nature reeking havoc upon humanity by magical ways.

Demon Torments Remaining Friend

Demon Torments Remaining Friend

It is unknown when and where this occurred but someone lost their friend to a suicide. Until this happened, their life seemed to be fairly typical. Over the last several years, this person changed...

My First Demon

Encounter With My First Demon

One person shared their bizarre encounter which happened to them long ago. It all started when they were 14 years old. For whatever reason, this person has been connected to paranormal incidents. As time...

Tania and Jared Copeman photograph demonic monk face

Couple Captures Demonic Monk Face Photo

Imagine being out exploring in an ancient location late in the evening. Unbeknownst to this couple, they managed to capture a rather rememberable photograph. This happened in a village not far from Mansfield, Notts...

Jody and Emma Ouija board session United Kingdom

Ouija Board Experience Gone Wrong

We were contacted by Jody Dean, from the Hunting The Dead YouTube channel. A video was made on September 6th, 2018. In this video, Jody talks about a Ouija board experience that went completely...

The Devil

I Went To Church And Found The Devil

When we go to church we expect to find faith, kindness and understanding. What if however we end up encountering something else entirely? A man shared his story, explaining how he went to church...