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Whatever It Was, It Wasn’t My Father

One woman known as Vanessa M. decided to share her story online. She first contacted the site and then explained in an email what she personally experienced. When people share their personal encounters some of them are difficult to believe yet some of them are so bizarre it makes one wonder what exactly is

Demonic Baby Doll Head Appears Behind Woman During Her Selfie Video

During a selfie pose, one user posted on social media a rather unusual looking video. As seen during her pose, a demonic looking baby doll head suddenly appears behind her. Whether it is fake or not, the video has garnered much attention online. The video was taken in Las Vegas, the 28th-most populated city in

Demon Face Manifests During Australian Wildfires

Great tragedies happen sometimes and we can’t help wondering why they do. What is the purpose for such destruction? Sometimes, superstitions take over and people can see things that intrigue the imagination. One man named Craig Calvert, managed to capture a most compelling image seen within the blaze near his home.  This Australian dairy farmer,

Mother Notices Her Possessed Son On New Baby Monitor

It didn’t take long for others to take a second glance at this baby sleeping in its crib at night. On Twitter, a woman noticed her son didn’t seem exactly normal, after buying a new baby monitor device. Known as ‘Bourbon Eggnog Socialist’, she posted this infamously strange looking picture.  People responded quickly and even

American Trucker Gives Interview, Says He Is Possessed By A Demon

A rather strange interview took place between Paul Dale Roberts from Halo Paranormal Investigations and a trucker known as “Mindfxck”. This trucker believes that a demon is possessing him.  Paul from HPI investigations, said they get a lot of prank calls but something about this interview gave him real chills. Paul is a fortean investigator,