Strange Archive

Bolt of lightning restores mans sight and hearing

Often we wonder why certain things happens in our lives. It seems they change

Cat-eyed Chinese Boy can see in the dark

It comes as a shock to those around him. However, since he was born,

People are drinking milk from cow teats

People can sometimes do ridiculous things, that may seem normal to others. Although this

Strange sounds heard in Allen, Texas

Located in Allen, Texas about six years ago, strange sounds were heard. These sounds

Twin German brothers turn a bathtub into flying passenger drone

This time it isn’t a hot tub time machine, it’s a bathtub converted into

Strange meteorite lands on Indian village, turns out to be airplane poo

People living in India, were surprised to discover what they thought to be a

Time Traveler from 2030, passes lie detector test

A young man known as Noah, has risked his life and perhaps altering our

One night with the devil girl

While sharing a bus ride back to campus, several guys were sitting in front

After breaking into a funeral home, my life changed forever

We all have friends that sometimes stand behind us in certain situations. While other

Blind people have more nightmares, only seeing with their dreams

Most of us don’t have to deal with such a hardship in life. But

Odd village in India, births more twins than anywhere else on Earth

Located in a small village in India, is a peculiar oddity. This village seems

Fearsome faceless man recorded in New York City

A rather odd looking fellow appears in several videos taken in New York City.