The Flat Earth Theory: A Conspiracy Too Big To Ignore?

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The flat Earth theory is a belief that the Earth is a flat disc. It has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, thanks to the internet and social media. There are many variations of this theory, but they all share some common elements. For example, flat Earthers believe that the Earth is surrounded by a wall of ice, that the sun and moon are much smaller than they appear, and that NASA is a hoax. 

The idea that the Earth is flat has been around for centuries, but it has never completely died out. In the 19th century, British writer Samuel Rowbotham revived the theory and founded the Flat Earth Society. The society still exists today, and it boasts a small but dedicated following.

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Some people are drawn to the flat Earth theory because it offers a simpler explanation for the universe. Others believe in it because they think it’s part of a larger conspiracy. There is a great deal of scientific evidence that supports the spherical shape of the Earth, but flat Earthers continue to believe in their theory despite this evidence. 

The debate has been around for centuries. Maybe one reason is some people are quite skeptical about science and authority in general. There are some who think that the science community continues to hide the real truth about the Earth’s real shape. Maybe there is a desire for a more simplified explanation. 

Flat Earthers think that the sun and moon are much smaller than they appear and they orbit the Earth much closer than they actually do. This conspiracy could stem from a sense of community. Maybe these folks enjoy banning together to go against the system and feel they are in the right.

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They often argue that the evidence has been faked or misinterpreted. Additionally, astronauts can see that the Earth is a sphere when they go into space. Despite this information, Flat Earthers maintain their belief in the flat Earth theory.

While the flat Earth theory is still a fringe belief by some folks out there, it is not currently supported by evidence. However, there are some real dedicated people out there who firmly believe that the Earth is in fact flat. 

Numerous experiments have been conducted throughout the ages trying to prove that Earth is flat. Science says otherwise but it could be an elaborate conspiracy that has been covered up for whatever reason. One example is when ships disappear hull first over the horizon, this would not happen if the Earth was flat. 

This subject is highly controversial but when more technology comes into the hands of the common people then more testing and other experimentation will likely happen. Whether or not they can prove that Earth is flat is another story. I guess time will tell. As it stands now, it’s not time to rethink our view about Earth just yet and its shape.

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