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Louisiana Home So Haunted Owner Can’t Even Give It Away

It seems many people are desperate during these times. Some people have lost their homes, jobs and more due to the coronavirus outbreak. However, one Louisiana estate agent is having a tough time trying to give away an unwanted house, due to its haunted reputation.  According to the home’s history, it was built back about

Knock Off Disney Doll Haunts Family Leaving Them Terrified

While there are many imitation products out there, one family purchased an unknown doll based upon the Disney character ‘Elsa’ from the Frozen franchise. Little did they know, this doll had a mind of its own. One family was left terrified over their purchase, as the doll allegedly talks in different languages despite English being

The Ghostly Story Of Miss Thynne

While many have speculated about seeing apparitions, some have had interactions with them as well. It all started for one family back in 1961 when they moved into their new home located in the English countryside near Brighton. Previously, this residence was owned by an elderly woman named Miss Thynne.  Tragically, Thynne would later be

This Haunted Doll Allegedly Grows Real Human Hair

Known as Okiku Ningyo, this small sized doll has a unique history dating back to the year 1918. While a man was visiting Sapporo, Japan…he came across a rather remarkable doll. Eikichi Suzuki believed his younger 2 year old sister Okiku, would enjoy having this doll – so he purchased it.  The doll stands at

Woman Claims She Was Given A Haunted Mannequin Head

A woman from Singapore, recently claimed she was given a haunted mannequin head. The outrageously weird incident changed her life. When Nadie Othman bought something else through a marketplace app, she had no idea what else was included. The seller did mention to her that they were going to include some extra beauty items free