Witchcraft Archive

Witchcraft workings and wonderment

With ritualistic practices on the rise, a witch’s familiar remains faithfully by their side.

Former stripper becomes sex witch healer

While there are a number of ways to experience sexual pleasures in life, this

Siberian witch buys psychic cat in Russia

An astonishing purchase was made by a Siberian witch, who bought a psychic cat

Policeman in Mexico attacked by flying witch

In the foothills of Monterrey, Mexico a police officer encountered what he called a

Police officer records witch in the woods

Recorded by a police car camera, was an incident which happened back on 6/27/15.

Magic spell scrolls found in Serbia

It seems that researchers have discovered a series of spell scrolls from the eastern

The skin-walkers

Deemed one of the most terrifying native American legends they are known as skin-walkers.

Witch women killed in India

When we think about witches usually Salem, Massachusetts comes to mind. However, witchcraft was