The Bizarre Bloodthirsty Dolls Of The Indonesian Jungle

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These beings are known as ‘The Jenglot’. They are small-sized doll-like figures, believed to be a supernatural type creature. These are known to many as something like a hoax. However, others believe they are real and are something to not be reckoned with. 


They come across as rather bizarre looking creatures. These figures are thought to have been discovered back in 1997, in the island of Java.

They have been discovered in many different places including being buried in the ground, inside the trunk of trees or even on top of a roof. Believed to be about several inches in size, they resemble that of a smaller human being. One can compare them to a voodoo doll. 

The distinctive features of ‘The Jenglot’ are the long finger nails, long hair and sharp long fangs protruding from their mouths. Often considered to be reminiscent of a vampire, a jenglot must be fed with real human blood. Those who consider themselves masters of these dolls, will even sometimes prick their very own finger to give sustenance to them. 

Whoever finds one of these jenglots, must provide for it otherwise they will encounter a darker fate in life. It is thought that if they do not provide blood for it then they will experience a series of misfortunes in life. When someone attempts to feed blood to the doll, they should not directly feed it but place the blood next to it. 

It has been said that these dolls will actually come to life and drink the blood before them. Perhaps they get energized by the very life force of human blood. Animal blood is not thought to be good enough, although some have likely tried this as well. 

Traditions in the region say that the jenglot were once actual human beings. Did they previously practice forbidden magic in an attempt to gain eternal life?

Once someone dies, they sometimes can be rejected by the very earth that they were buried in. This person would transform into a small-sized jenglot and seek out further life. The native shamans here have even performed various rituals to uncover the absolute truth of their existence. 

Sometimes the jenglot will seemingly appear out of nowhere before certain individuals. Why this happens to a certain few is unknown. However, many do think it is supernatural related.

Is it even possible that these entities of sorts can even be captured? A number of people even think that the jenglot is a rare animals type species. Maybe even, it is all spiritual based. Science still doesn’t have an answer for these small oddities. 

If they are only man-made objects, then they are able to harness something that has many spooked. Muhammad Syakir Muhammad Azmi, is a Malaysian Islamic medical practitioner.

They said that a jenglot can be fashioned with many ordinary materials. People even buy them and they fetch forth different prices, due to what they are made from including that of animal fetuses. 

Likely they are man-made and do not possess any kind of powers. However, people are thought to use them as they practice black magic. They even think they will serve their master in a number of different ways (including but not limited to) being a good luck charm or wrecking havoc upon their enemies in this existence or the next. 

(Source: Ancient Origins)

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