Humans have been genetically engineered and experimented upon

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Believed to be an elaborate conspiracy, may well be the truth of our very existence. It seems that for a number of different reasons, we have been genetically engineered by forces beyond our complete understanding. The likelihood that people are being paid to surrender themselves to experimentation, is a very real possibility.

Think about of all the vaccinations people get, while signing up for non-disclosure agreements for scientific experimentation. These people actually are being financially compensated for their time and their body, by being subjected to a numerous series of tests, DNA sampling and whatever else which may be happening.

People also think, that this is happening in plain sight…with medical drugs, food, drink and further vaccinations being given to people. Studies now show, that young children are being subjected to these kinds of tests and drugs, which lead to further medical problems later in life, such as children having autism.

Child taken by alien spaceship

The bigger picture is, that every year we continue to lose many adults and small children. They seemingly disappear from public parks, off the streets and are kidnapped in plain sight – while parents looks away for only a mere moment. It is thought, that humans have merged with extraterrestrials to create offspring known as alien human hybrids.

Alien human hybrid experimentation

The greater conspiracy is, we are slowly being replaced by greater humanoid beings, who aren’t as easily affected by disease and weather climates. Merging with newfound and reverse alien technology, nano robotics will also be used (if they haven’t already) as humans (as we are now) begin to fade away over time.

There have been theories, about people subconsciously having their very own minds, be downloaded and then uploaded into a super series of computers. From this, they will live on forever theoretically. They may even choose their physical size and shape, of how they physically wish to present themselves as well.

Another thought is, that hybrids or the offspring of the fallen ones, have been cross-bred like some species of animals have. This creates different looks and genetic understanding. More modifications will likely be made as well.

There are those however, who believe that all of the aliens seen or thought to be here are not aliens, but demons instead. They are here to turn mankind against themselves and start further wars of destruction, ultimately bringing humanity to its knees. Will real humanity survive and will people begin to change? These are the questions we must ask ourselves.

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