Possessed Teddy Bear crawls by itself onto sleeping child

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Seen in this video, appears to be something unexplainable. Unless strings were used or another method, this child’s teddy bear (a stuffed animal toy), seemingly gets up and crawls on top of a sleeping child. The object doesn’t appear to be motorized, by what is seen in the video. It’s movements are more fluid, methodical and timely. It is almost like the teddy bear, has a mind of its own.

Possessed teddy bear

The entire thing, is one of the most subtly creepy videos ever seen. While anyone can theorize what was really going on, it is difficult to make rational sense of this. It is suspected, that this teddy bear, for whatever reason is a cursed haunted object. The creepy clip, is captured by a infrared baby monitor.

It is assumed that the camera was placed on top of a dresser or shelf. The young child has been monitored by her parents, to make sure they were okay. On this night, the parents were surprised to see this stuffed teddy Bear, get up by itself and later crawl on top of their child.

Possessed teddy bear top of child

When something latches onto a physical thing, it is difficult to separate it away from whatever is attached to it. Sometimes priests, shamans and the like, are used to ward away such superstitions. Their success rate, depends upon a number of variables. The more powerful something is, the tougher it is to ward away.

The video was posted back in 2016 and initially received some buzz online about it. A number of people have commented, saying the footage is entirely fake. It is believed by some, that this was created by using a stop motion technic. This however still hasn’t been proven entirely either.

According to the person who posted this, the encounter took place somewhere in the country of India. It is unknown the exact time and date this occured. However, it was later picked up by Chinese media outlets and later spread around from there. This footage is spooky enough to watch and may give you chills watching it. Parents seeing this, might think twice about what they might buy their child aside from typical dangers.

There are good and bad things out in the world. Let’s hope this Teddy, was simply giving the child a hug and not going to do something else. Although just a theory, this teddy Bear may have been temporarily taken over by a lost relative or good friend. Maybe it’s intention was far more innocent, than it appeared in the video.

(Source: Daily Star and Mirror)

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