Huge crop circle in Dorset England

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On occasion crop circles appear. Nobody knows for sure if they mean something or are a type of performance art. Perhaps they are a signal from something beyond the stars. Numerous patterns have been made across the world. What is their deeper meaning? Recently, an enormous crop circle was discovered southwest of England in the county of Dorset. This area is along the English channel coast. The radius of this place is 1,024 miles in size.

A man named Mathew Williams is a crop circle fanatic and decided to video this spectacular sighting. Impressed by the complexity of the formation Mathew mentioned that whoever did this must have been there all night long. While this would be true if it were man-made, extraterrestrial technology surely could do this in a matter of moments.

What is seen was done in a wheat field. Right now wheat is in season so this only makes sense. One man named John Lundberg actually makes crop circles and said that wheat is one of the best crops to work with. Each stem is upright so you shape each one fairly easily. This pattern made in Dorset is around 400 feet long it consists of star type patterns within circles of circles.


Of course the farmers whose fields get damaged lose productivity and this leads to less profits for them. They are angry at what has been happening. However, less crop circles have been appearing as of late and this is a good thing if your a farmer.

Crop circle creators potentially risk being fined if caught, so they work in the wee hours of the morning and usually at night avoiding to be seen. To date, there is no mention of someone being shot at but anything is possible and that is the risk they crop circle creators take trying to perfect their craft.

Mathew himself has been busted for making a crop circle and fined 100 euros. He stopped after this but not from being caught, he developed hay fever which led him to stop. However, he continues to photograph and tries to learn more about this strange phenomenon.


Most of the circles of course are made by people but some of them are quite incredible. It makes you wonder if something else extraterrestrial was at work. Nobody has caught an alien yet doing something such as this but maybe one day they will.

There has been those who create crop circles certain moments of strange paranormal type activity. The most wondrous is when Williams himself said he was chased out of a field from floating small balls of light. Another time he recalls seeing black shadowy figures out in the field. He questions whether or not they were even human.

What if the crop circles are signals to aliens who wander the Earth? Perhaps their symbolic messages are done by those who are in humanoid form blending into our society.

(Source: Mysterious Earth)


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