The band wagon alien encounter of Canada

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Back in 1973, an encounter would change the life of one man named Thomas Campbell. He and his band were playing at a place named Alice’s Restaurant located in Jordan, Ontario. This community is located along the eastern edge of Lincoln, in the Niagara Region of Canada. Thomas and his band mates were members of a community college freshman band during this time.

A stranger who was there watching them perform that night, asked them for a ride. It was in this moment, this decision would shape the next 10 years of Thomas’s life. For years, Thomas suffered from a chronic insomnia condition.

He dropped out of schooling his second year. From this point onward, he was forced to give up on his music career. For the next eight years, he would drift from job to job. It wasn’t until Thomas read the book Missing Time by author Budd Hopkins, when a revelation occurred to him.

As a traveling musician at heart, he still carried several Yamaha recorder flutes in his backpack. Thomas and his group, packed up their things and hit the road which ran from Lake Ontario to the Queen Elizabeth Highway.

The road they traveled on, was actually being used as a service road during this time. These young musicians continued to drive down the road—when their driver named Guillaume, noticed strange lights blocking the lane when they came to a sudden halt.

alien saucer in Canada abduction

Thomas said, “What’s going on up there?” Guillaume said, “I think you better come up here. Take a look at this.” A large metallic disk was blocking the whole road. Guillaume said, “Look, it’s opening up.”

As they glanced ahead, they noticed small stature d alien beings who approached closer towards them. These things were small and their skin was comparable to that of a white colored mushroom only smooth gray by appearance. Other details about them included their eyes, which were dark black bulbs by appearance. Something else odd, was the strange smell these things had aside from having only 3 digits on their hands.

alien encounter Canada

Thomas said that the smell was much like that of a mans aftershave. They noticed one of the back doors of their van had its door wide opened. One of these aliens entered their van. Thomas referred to this one as “The Captain” as it seemed to be in charge of the others.

Their drummer reacted in fear and excitement by accidentally knocking his snare drum onto the roadway. It made a loud noise, capturing the attention of the aliens, Thomas and everyone in the van. As one can imagine, they were completely frozen and freaked out during this encounter. The dubbed leader of these aliens, retrieved the instrument and asked who it belonged to.

These aliens also appeared to have thin lips which moved, but appeared to communicated through some sort of telepathy. The Captain alien directed his thoughts towards Thomas. Everyone was lead into the alien saucer which was parked on the roadway. They each entered single file and were allowed to carry their belongings with them.

When they were inside this strange vessel each of them were escorted into separate rooms. Thomas recalls from hypnosis performed by a Doctor Aphrodite Clamar from New York more details of his lost in time encounter. There were surgical tools laying upon a table of sorts. Lights were everywhere resembling both blue and yellow LED type lights.

During his therapy hypnosis session with the doctor, Thomas recalled asking the lead alien if they had any bases on Earth. The alien responded saying: “We have one under this body of water” It was at this moment the alien showed an upside-down photo of Lake Ontario. Thomas last recalled being back in his van traveling down the road without remembering anything else in detail. Another odd thing was the stranger who they gave a ride to, was no longer there. It was as if he had vanished into thin air.

(Source: Night Terrors)

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