Alien human hybrids living among us

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She is now 74 years old, yet she has made her mark in the world. Her name is Linda Moulton Howe and declares that humanity is in trouble. We have threats happening with war, famine, politics and more but these aren’t the biggest threat we face there is something much more subtle happening. While this is difficult to grasp a concept of…Linda believes that a new human alien species is slowly taking over our planet.


It has been in the works for a while now. Linda actually interviewed several women who mention their daughters roommate was in actuality an alien hybrid. After talking with both Jean Bilodeaux and Helen Littrell they talked about Helen’s daughter and the girl who was her roommate.

She said this alien-human hybrid had avocado-green eyes. The eyes had vertical black slits in them. They didn’t appear to be typical human eyes. Most of the time this unnamed girl, kept wearing glasses to cover her eyes.


On one occasion, the glasses simply slipped off to reveal her unusual eyes. The concept of this is mind blowing but think about it for a moment. With all the strange happenings in politics and government position shifts. Different things are moving into place for control of the people.

Rather secretly things have been setup. Many conspiracy theories are floating around about this but they ultimately all point to one thing and that is us being put out of the picture. Earth itself will no longer be dominated by mankind. A new species will arise and take over everything. These mysterious beings have been working on this for decades.


The theory about different types of alien beings are broken down into 3 different categories:

1) The Traders, they are perceived as the small aliens with big eyes also known as “The Greys”. They are also known as Zetas. These aliens have two small nostrils which function like a nose and two small openings on their heads used like ears. It is believed they eat finely processed synthetic foods. They originate from a star system known as Zeta-Reticulum hence Zetas as their other known name. They operate spacecraft to fly between planets. They are the only beings which traverse between stars for discovery missions and trade.

2) The second alien species are known as The Travelers, they have harnessed the ability to travel greater distances by focusing on a given point within space. Much like that of a rubber band, suddenly snapping back into place—they pull back force to arrive at their destination rather quickly. Often they accompany The Traders as an escort helping them get to their location. Much like a cab driver in New York city. (laugh)

3) What are simply known as The Others, are other beings which attach their spaceship as a ride along. These are not violent by any means and carry no weaponry. They don’t allow others to travel with them if they are in route for a destruction mission. They are simply observers and often we have seen their UFO ships in the skies and even perhaps seen one of them on ground at various locations through the world.


With our progress on Earth, we are ahead of schedule but not yet ready to join The Others to explore other places in the galaxy. Perhaps one day we will progress to this point and join them on their missions whatever they may be. First, we need to set aside our differences and start working together to help our planet before it gets taken over. Maybe part of us will look like this one day.


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