The Luckiest Unlucky Man To Ever Live

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Perhaps some people are simply luckier than others or cursed even more so. A Croatian music teacher, named Frane Selak, experienced some of worst or best luck, depending on how you look at it. His real life story, is like something from out of a movie. His path is a unique one indeed, Frane is now 88 year old and has one child.

Frane Selak

During his travels, he experienced many near death experiences. It all started for him back in 1962, when he on-board a train ride passing through a canyon. It was a cold rainy day, his train then flipped off the tracks and crashed down into a nearby river below.

There were 17 passengers on the train, who were killed. Frane escaped with hypothermia, a broken arm and other minor injuries. He was pulled to safety by someone, from out of the river.

The following year in 1963, Frane decided to travel again. He was on board an airplane, flying from Zagreb to Rijeka. Shockingly, a malfunctioning plane door on the airplane, blew off and all of the passengers were sucked out of the airplane from the turbulence. There were 19 different people, who died falling to their death. Incredibly, Frane survived, after landing on a large haystack below. This was his first and only plane ride.

Years later in 1966, Frane was involved in a bus accident, which happen to kill four other people after crashing into a river. Frane escaped by swimming to the shore.

Frane Selak interview

It seems that he was not done with his bus karma, as he later was ran over by a bus later. Yet again, he survived escaping with only minor injuries. One day in 1970, he decided to drive himself around, everything was fine at first until his car caught on fire. He wandered away in the nick of time, before the car later exploded sending debris flying everywhere.

In 1973, Frane was involved in another driving incident, when the engine of his car…was soaked with hot oil from a failing fuel pump. This later caused flames to shoot through the air vents. Frane lost some of his hair from the flames. He was otherwise unharmed, from the malfunctioning moment of misfortune.

Later in 1995, Frane was hit by yet another bus. It happened in Zagreb he sustained only minor injuries. The following year in 1996, Frane was involved with a head-on collision, involving a United Nations truck. It happened around a mountain curve.

He swerved into a guardrail, knocking it loose, the car plunged over the side of the mountain. Frane was able to eject from the car at the very last moment. Astonishingly, he wasn’t wearing a seat belt and managed to grab a hold of a tree as he watched his automobile fall an estimated 300 feet below into the gorge.

Frane Selak lottery win

One of the next significant moments in his life, was that of something quite positive. In 2003, two days after his 73rd birthday, Frane bought a lottery ticket and ended up winning $1,110,000 dollars. During this time, he also married for the fifth time in his life. He went on to buy several homes and later gave away the remainder of his fortune to relatives and friends. From this point on, he lived a modest frugal lifestyle.

It seems evident that Frane has a purpose on Earth. It is unclear why he had to experience so many dramatic tragedies. Was all of this some sort of life lesson for him to endure?

Perhaps his guardian angel was truly watching out for him. All of this, seems to be quite incredible. It is so incredible, that many simply don’t believe all of this happened to one man.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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