Mad mannequins in the attic

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When we store away things for safe keeping, we expect these things to be left there for later. What happens when things have been moved or misplaced. Is it merely our mind slipping from memories or perhaps something else?

An up and coming fashion designer recalls a night, that simply cannot be explained. She lives in a remote location, her nearest neighbor is just a few miles down the road. One night, while she was finishing up creating a new design, she mistakenly cut her hand badly with a pair of scissors.

Mad mannequins in the attic urban legend

This happened, as she was cutting through some tough thick fabric. This was a pretty deep cut and she bleed everywhere it seemed. Some of the mannequins were spattered by her blood as well. Being rather angry and frustrated with herself, she went downstairs to rinse her wound in the kitchen sink.

When she returned, she noticed some things being out of place. This room was fairly typically setup for a fashion designer. There is some order to the madness it seems. Quite often, she uses her attic, to store supplies and has a few mannequins spread out across the room, which are used to dress up for her designs.

She continued working on this night and even though she was tired, she wanted to finish up a dress she was making. After wandering over to another table, she heard a loud crashing sound. It scared the hell out of her, as she now noticed that her coffee mug was lying broken on the floor.

She once again made her way downstairs, this time returning with a broom and dustpan. As she swept up the broken pieces from the floor, she noticed that a few of the mannequins were eerily closer where they once were before. At first, she didn’t think much of it and continued sewing and cutting what she could.

Even after everything that had happened, she was determined to finish this dress, before the night was over. As she turned around suddenly, she felt a sharp pain pierce through her chest. As she looked up, there was a mannequin holding her sharp scissors in one of its hands. It was unexplainable to her and didn’t make any logical sense.

Mad mannequins in the attic

This woman experienced an extraordinary encounter it seems. Was this merely her imagination playing tricks upon her late at night? Or, was something else happening to her on that dark night? She made her way back downstairs, before passing out as she quickly phoned for help.

When the ambulance arrived, they brought her to the hospital. When she returned to consciousness, she then explained to the staff about these unfortunate series of events that happened to her during the night.

As it turns out, she learned that the old farmhouse down the road, had been broken into years earlier by criminals. They had robbed and killed the family there. Later, they were shot down and killed during a gunfight with the police. Did their restless disturbed spirits, enter these mannequins or was this woman simply delusional? Later, the woman got rid of her mannequins, replacing them with new ones, as this night will forever haunt her memory.

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