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Urban Legends

Legend Of The Black Shuck “Doom Dogs”

Located in the British Isles, are cursed ghostly dogs which roams the countryside. Many believe these dogs to be hell hounds instead. Why they have terrorized travelers is a mystery itself.

Black Shuck

These howling fiends, have a haunting howl that would send a chill down anyone’s spine. While many have reported seeing these rampant raging dogs, there have been different descriptions made about their general appearance. 

These ghostly type dogs are said to roam areas of Norfolk, Essex and the Suffolk coastline. They are also referred to as “Doom Dogs”. In the past, the inhabitants of East Angila have shared their stories of these beasts with red and/or green flaming eyes. The eyes, seem to be more like slits and widen when they enrage with fury. 

The physical size of these ghostly looking beasts vary. Some are said to be about the size of a large dog, while others have been reported about them being the size of a horse. These legends possibly date back to around the time the Vikings inhabited the area. Perhaps the descriptive word came from the Anglo-Saxon word scucca which meant “demon”. 

The dialect word shuck y, described this foul fiend as being rather hairy by its appearance. Passages from different tales, explain that these menacing canines having an intelligence about them. They were crafty and may have hunted in packs like wolves or dogs today. This would have terrified anyone, as they would cut off or surround their victims. 

Whether or not they actually killed people is mere legend, but some tales say that the Black Shuck would only scare their victim for a while, before faded away into nothingness. Would these doom dogs appear only at night or even in the daylight hours? This is unknown, but speculated to be possible during any hour of the day or night. 

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It would be easy to imagine a black wolf or dog roaming the countryside. Now, imagine them as demons or ghosts. Some encounters with the Black Shuck or doom dog, have witnessed them having no heads. Perhaps even, the head would appear to float just in front of the torso of the dog-like creature.

The Black Shuck (doom dog) would appear as if it was floating on carpet or a blanket of gaseous mist. They would appear to be hovering, just barely above the ground below.

Further folklore said that these ghost dogs would haunt back-roads, crossroads, graveyards and any other kind of forested area. One location was the depth of Beeston Bump. This hill area is located close to Beeston Regis and Sheringham. While all of this is likely an urban legend, it makes for a good tale.

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