Children seen on video targeted by otherworldly entites

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Paranormal activity can and does happen. There have been movies made about different isolated events which were documented in some way or another. Certainly, there are forces beyond our understanding. What they are doing in our current place in time, alongside us makes no rational sense.

We can speculate the specters wondering what is keeping them trapped and not able to move on. Most of the time, it is believed ghosts have been wronged in some way and are seeking vengeance or to help someone from beyond the grave. There are also dark forces, which are here to disrupt our lives often causing or influencing people to do bad things. Sometimes, they can possess people or take the shape of humans to simply blend in.

Connor on his cradle

Children in particular, are vulnerable targets for demonic and spiritual forces. It is believed they along with animals are innocent souls not tainted by our world today. This first video, demonstrates some kind of paranormal force which held this young toddler atop their cradle during the night.

Seen in this video, which was posted on March the 9th, 2016 is something rather chilling, as the young child begins to cry while they stand. One viewer mentioned, how their hands look as if they were being held. Perhaps something otherworldly was responsible for this. The little boy named Connor, is seen perfectly balanced for nearly 30 seconds, before he then falls back onto his mattress inside the crib.

Little girl spooked by spirits

Taking matter into his own hands, a father concerned for his daughter—recorded on nanny cam, several moments of her playing. He captured some rather strange moments, as his daughter is seen first playing with dolls. One of them, is seen off to the right moving by itself after a short while. Perhaps a fallen child wanted to join in. In another instance, she is writing or drawing on a table next to a sofa. Suddenly, the papers are seen moving along with a few more items falling to the floor. After this, the table itself is seen moving also.

One strange comparison, is that each event happened either on the 9th day or 9th month of the year seen in all of the videos. Many theories can been thrown around, about this being the same spirit or somehow connected to another. It may well be something more demonic in nature taking possession of the areas. Spirits and demons are territorial based upon various encounters with them. Why these children in particular were being targeted is unexplained as well.

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