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Giant Thunderbird soars over Grand Prix race in America

Thunderbird spotted at United States Grand Prix race

Seen recently, while spectators were watching the United States Grand Prix race, something nobody ever imagined happened. Seen on Turn 1 during lap 48 of the race, a massive bird shadow was cast upon the track below. Rumors are, this is the legendary “Thunderbird”. It is estimated to be about twice the size of an F1 car. However, no eye witnesses have come forward yet.

Thunderbird seen at United States Grand Prix race

This cryptzoological creature, has previously been identified with Native American traditions. The Thunderbird is regarded as a large bird, with lizard-like features. Comparably, this Cessna-sized bird, would be similar to that of the extinct pterosaurs like the Pteranodon.

Those who follow cryptozoology, are amazed at what was captured on camera – during the broadcast. Symbolically, does this large bird represent a new birth of sorts, like a new beginning? As we start the new year, one can only wonder. As people watched this video broadcast, some now feel like they have been validated by what they have seen.

Thunderbird at United States Grand Prix race

Flying high through the sky, this amazing discovery has people excited about what they watched. This story, continues to cycle around the internet. The wingspan of this enormous bird, is estimated to be between 12 and 18 feet long making this bird quite large.

Until now, this bird has been mostly regarded as a myth of sorts. Sightings about the Thunderbird’s date back for centuries. There are even fossils that have displayed giant birds (teratorns) that have large wingspans as well. Only until now, have they been regarded as mere myth.

Thunderbird cowboys from Arizona

The Thunderbird, is believed to only have existed in North America. A story exists dating back to April 1890, when several cowboys from Arizona, actually killed a giant birdlike creature. Its wingspan was large, having smooth like skin and featherless wings, much like a bat and a face which looked like that of an alligator.

Allegedly, these cowboys dragged the carcass of this beast back to town, where it was pinned up by its wings which reached across the entire length of a barn. Back in 2002, there was another sighting of a large birdlike creature with wings estimated to be around 14 feet long. This happened somewhere in Alaska.

Another theory, about the giant sized bird shadow, is that it might be some sort of surveillance drone shaped like a bird. The shadow cast by this unknown bird creature, is massive compared to the cars racing around the track. Who knows what to think, but many are scratching their heads over it. This entire event, may have sparked a manhunt for answers. Has the US government already started an investigation about this?

(Source: The Drive and Wikipedia)

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