Russian scientists battle giant squid under Antarctica

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A lot of activity has been happening underneath the frigid ice of Antarctica. It seems a rather incredible discovery has been found and it is something humans want to avoid all together. At a depth of 2.3 miles under the ice has revealed a gigantic squid like creature. It has taken the lives of an expedition team from Russia.

Deadly octopus Putin plan

Everything has been denied by President Vladimir Putin as tactical military advantage might have been a deciding factor. There have been some wild claims of him weaponizing everything from robotic cockroaches to refugees. This claim seems equally outrageous, yet the possibility of this is rather intriguing.

With limited information which has been released—it has been revealed that a defecting Russian scientist (who was a part of this team) gave some details about really happened. Both he and his team went missing for five days in Lake Vostok. Beneath the ice as one can imagine, the temperature here are rather cold.

antarctic drill creature found

They used dive suits to tread through the icy waters. According to what Dr. Anton Padalka mentioned to authorities in Switzerland, his expedition to this subterranean lake in the Arctic—may have been his last.

The terrifying discovery of a deadly life form dubbed Organism 46-B, revealed it being comparable to that of a giant squid. Only this squid is far more intelligent and dangerous. Unfortunately, there were three team members that died upon this mission. From what Padalka mentioned, this 14-legged creature can actually hypnotise prey from a distances upwards of 150 feet away, with its poisonous venom. Just like other squid type creatures this species can also completely camouflage itself as well.

Squid found in Antarctica

This is perhaps the most important scientific breakthrough in decades, however Vladimir Putin claimed that “nothing of scientific interest” was found. Dr. Anton Padalka claimed that he was ordered to not divulge any information as it was considered classified. This did not stop him from being a whistle blower over the incident with his report to the Swiss initially.

Suspiciously, any searches (in English and Russian) don’t reveal much of anything in regards to Dr. Anton Padalka. It was presumed that he fled the country after uncovering Putin’s plans for diabolical squid domination.

Comparable to the Amazon jungle, Antarctica has many undiscovered areas especially deep below the surface. One can’t help but think, that this place has sacred spots which are just now being explored. What is underneath this ice, may lead to our destruction one day if we aren’t careful.

(Source: C. Michael Forsyth and Danielle Ryan)

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