Creepy website streams over 73,000 hacked private camera feeds

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hacker attack

Being safe and secure is something everyone wants in life. Knowing that their family and friends are all okay. However, what if you were being spied upon? This is now happening and the world can watch you online without you even knowing initially.

It seems a new website popped up displaying various locations around the world for anyone to see. Originally, well over 73,000 locations were tapped into from hacking. The reason for this is a simple one, the people didn’t change their default username and password.

Overall, the hacked cameras are displaying video feeds from around 256 different countries around the world. Specifically, the areas most affected are in the following locations: United States, South Korea, China, Mexico, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Colombia, and India

hacked girl

(This girl left her camera on and was being watched throughout the nighttime hours around the world)

While the site is quite creepy, it is a reminder that technology can be used for both good and bad things. The future of our world will only continue to become further invasive as time passes. While laws do exist, people must obey them and more than likely this will never truly happen.

Our identities and things that we do each and every day have become vulnerable. Security firms cannot protect anything 100% – as there is always someone out there who is better who can break into anything.

People accessing this website and others like it, can simple tune into a stream of someone in front of an unsecured camera by clicking a web link. The majority of these cameras include public type areas such as shopping malls, parking lots and office floors.

WebCam screens

A number of the streams do include private home cameras. Without people knowing, they are being watched 24/7 with the possibility of thousands of people watching their every move. Bedroom footage, living rooms and kitchens aren’t off limits either. Perhaps the most disturbing thing are baby cribs being streamed from cams. According to the site Insecam, they have introduced an individual privacy policy stating the following:

– Only filtered cameras are available now. This way none of the cameras on Insecam invade anybody’s private life.

– Any private or unethical camera will be removed immediately upon e-mail complaint. Please provide a direct link to help facilitate the prompt removal of the camera.

Hacked cam

The coordinates of the cameras are approximate. They point to the ISP address and not the physical address of the camera. This information is accurate only to a few hundred miles. The coordinates are provided only to locate the city where the camera is located, but not it’s exact position or address.

Previously another site has featured the same type of cameras known as TRENDnet, they provided different access to streams of well over 400 different security cameras. Afterward the security cameras were then removed from the internet by the FTC for “lax security practices”. They were exposing the private lives of consumers to the public without their consent.

Something about all of this is disturbing and while cameras can help bring people to justice there is a line that is being crossed. Look at traffic cameras for example, each and every day we pass by them. Every time you enter a store, there is a chance you are being filmed to prevent shoplifting. A line needs to be drawn and things will continue to become more invasive for everyone.

(Source: Disclose TV)

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