Gifts of the Indigo children

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Akiane Kramarik young

These rather extraordinary young folks are known as Indigo children. They have been blessed with creativity and talent far beyond their years. The children are known by other names such as crystal children or star children.

The first description of these special children, dates back to the 1970’s when Nancy Ann Tappe first originated the concept of them. Tappe published the book Understanding Your Life Through Color back in 1982.

Later, the idea of them was further developed by both Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. A publications was released back in 1998 titled: The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived, written by husband and wife self-help lecturers Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. What followed afterward, were documentaries and several films which were released.

These children have tapped into understanding and creative forces that even adults cannot seem to comprehend. Using their blessed abilities and natural instincts they are perhaps the next stage of human evolution. It is also believed that they are able to tap into other senses—even of a paranormal nature like telepathy.

Each of these children have much more empathy towards other individuals than normal. They are believed to be led by a spiritual force which may even reign under religion. Take for example Akiane Kramarik she has the gift of painting and poetry beginning at the tender age of 4 years old. Her parents in the early years were then atheists, since then they now believe in a higher power. Akiane is now 20 years old.

Artist Akiane Kramarik

Some parents have tried to understand why their child seems different. Often many of these children are diagnosed with learning disabilities. Parents of course are concerned and seek out special education and even medical treatment to help them out of love.

Although there is no conclusive scientific evidence which gives credibility to the existence of indigo children, their traits speak for themselves. Seen in videos and interviews, these children are harnessing the power within them to change our world. One day, things will certainly be different and this generation will be leading the charge to set things right.

It has been criticized that parents seemingly want to avoid pediatric treatment or even a psychiatric diagnosis of their child. People will react differently towards them in public, often those who are deemed different are made fun of and often ridiculed.

This can affect them for the rest of their life and contributes to how they are raised and grow into adulthood. What is known as the Barnum effect or otherwise known as the Forer effect—is the observation of a personality study which is tailored specifically towards that individual. After a study such as this is done, it may provide a partial explanation about the child. More explanations may be revealed about them which pertain to various subjects as astrology, fortune telling, graphology, and aura reading. You can see Akiane and her work HERE.

Akiane Kramarik painting


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