John Lennon killed for discovering truth about UFOs and aliens

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Considered one of the great bards of his era. He was a part of one of the most influential bands in history…The Beatles. His name is John Lennon and he was the first of the four members to pass away. His death however, was shrouded in some mystery, as many believe something far sinister was contrived to eliminate what he had discovered.

It was documented that singer/songwriter/musician/activist John Lennon one day was glancing from his balcony and witnessed a paranormal moment. He had seen what appeared to be a rather large dark colored flying ship in the sky back in 1974. It also appeared to have bright white lights as it hovered first outside his balcony, before floating down by the river way. This was rather unusual, however this wasn’t the first time that John Lennon had a paranormal experience.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Back in 2004, Uri Geller (who was a friend to Lennon) mentioned when John was young, he told him that he had an encounter with an extraterrestrial. The conversation came up while they were eating at a restaurant in New York city. Yoko Ono was also there she became John’s wife back in March 20th back in 1969.

After a while, both Uri and John moved to a more discreet area, where a darker table was. John began lighting up a cigarette pointing its glowing tip towards Uri’s face. It was there, that John told Uri an incredible encounter. He mentioned that one night a blazing light jolted him awake—while he was still sleeping in his apartment.

He then went outside and witnessed four different bug-like creatures. They had big eyes and small mouths. Using some sort of telepathy, they communicated to John. Remarkably, they approached John and handed him a metal egg-like object. He kept this since he was a child, keeping it to himself throughout his career. Eventually John gave over the odd metal egg to Uri.

Many do believe Yoko was influential in the break up of the band. Yoko was expecting their child back then Sean and John was excited about it. John Lennon was a believer in the unknown and that he truly believed that other life exists.

John later suffered from his separation from Yoko. Drinking and drug abuse then followed, this was believed to contribute to Yoko’s then recent miscarriage. It drove them a part, eventually John separated from her but desperately wanted to fix his relationship.

Was there a divine reason for him having extraterrestrial contact during his life? Perhaps as crazy as it sounds that John Lennon was influenced by otherworldly creatures. Uri now holds this strange metal egg.

Lennon and Geller

The sensation from holding it was something that John knew and maybe there is something rather special about it. There is no instruction manual but Uri believes that John knew what this odd egg was for. Whatever purpose it had was special. Was this a healing object? It may have been used for communication or even it is some sort of intergalactic space ticket of some sort. (Uri first met Lennon back on November 28th of 1974)

John Lennon Mark David Chapman

After Lennon’s paranormal encounters, rumor has it that the government wanted to keep the existence of aliens and UFOs under full disclosure. Someone as public as John Lennon would be a media magnet as he was already protesting the war and other social issues. Adding a panic among the people would only make things harder to control. From this situation, Mark David Chapman ended John Lennon’s life outside his apartment building in Manhattan. Chapman fired at Lennon five times, hitting him four times in the back.

(Source: The Telegraph)

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