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Freaky Portuguese mansion haunts its visitors

Located in Portugal, is a retreat treat. Known for its shocking good times. Visitors here, experience scary encounters at the Quinta Nova da Assuncao mansion, near Lisbon. They don’t know what to expect next. This location, provides a rather ominous background to scare folks who frequent here. The actors that have worked here, have mentioned

The ghostly footage of Teresa Fidalgo

The message of this video, is to always pay attention, to what is around you. It would be wise enough, to stay away from picking up strangers alongside the road, especially at night. You just never know, what might happen next. Presented as an indie film, a filmmaker named David Rebordão from Portugal, always felt

Large pyramids found point towards the Lost City of Atlantis

Near Azores Island, an astonishing discovery has been made. It seems giant pyramids were found deep beneath the ocean. Many are baffled over this and believe this area, may well be where the fabled city of Atlantis rests. It is rather bizarre, how random this particular discovery was. What this team of researchers were doing