People Have Reported Seeing ‘Werewolves’ In Jefferson County, Washington

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Lon Strickler from the site ‘Phantoms and Monsters’ received an intriguing story regarding werewolves this year. This incident took place in Jefferson County, Washington. They explained how much they appreciated having a site like this to share what had happened. With so many bizarre things happening in the world today, we must remain diligent.

Sometimes it takes a while to muster up the courage to share such a tale, even though it might be so difficult to believe. This anonymous woman went on to explain what had happened about 11 years ago. She said her husband went outside with her and they were working on their driveway together. 

It was late in the evening, around 9:30 at night. On this night, it was pretty dark outside and they were raking up the end of their driveway together. Both of them were using headlamps to see with.

During the hour the woman said she could hear something really big running up alongside the hill where their property is located. With each step she began to get concerned. At first, she thought whatever this was could be a bear. Generally, something like this would be the logical explanation but not this time.

Each step seemed to have some weight behind it. Her husband then started taking notice of this also. Remarkably, her husband’s instincts took over as he then began to chase off whatever this was. She remarked, ‘What in the hell are you doing?’ Her husband replied, ‘I’m chasing it away from our property. I don’t want it coming around here again.’ 

She couldn’t believe his courage or stupidity and yelled out, ‘Stop, are you crazy? Whatever it is, is bigger than you!’ Her husband continued to chase whatever it was by yelling and screaming at the top of his lungs. He yelled out, ‘Go on. Get!’.

Right at the top of the hill from where they live, there is a cul de sac with a street light there. She dropped what she was doing to only then chase after her husband out of concern.

werewolf encounter washington

When they reached the top of the hill, she was stunned to see something from fairy tale books. Standing upright was a wolf on its hind legs which appeared more human-like. She explained her husband is at 6′ 3″ tall. Whatever it was, it was way taller than her husband and had ashen gray skin with tufts of scraggly hair here and there. 

This werewolf of sorts, appeared kind of sickly. It may have had mange or something else. The head of this thing appeared more wolf or dog-like. She along with her husband could make out its snout and pointed looking ears. She compared it to that of a Doberman Pinscher. The beast had a slight hunch about it as well. It’s arms were slightly shorter than a human. 

They noticed that this werewolf didn’t like being in the light, it seemed sensitive to it. When she turned to look back at it, the beast snarled and growled back at them for several moments before heading off back into the woods. Interestingly enough, the woman’s friend and neighbor down the road asked her to come down several weeks later. They also witnessed seeing this thing.

The neighbor explained she witnessed seeing this werewolf in their yard. It seemingly was drinking from a puddle on the ground with one knee bent down. There have been a few other sightings of these werewolves. 

One witness mentioned seeing a werewolf on 2510 Forest Service Road, just above their house about 7 years earlier. Another sighting took place in Quilcene, WA as well. That is the town just north of where the woman and her husband live. 

In the area of Brinnon, there might be a family pack of these things. It is incredible to think that werewolves might actually exist within our world. If they do, they are quite rare and keep to the refuge of the woodlands. 

(Source: Phantoms and Monsters)

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