The ghostly footage of Teresa Fidalgo

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The message of this video, is to always pay attention, to what is around you. It would be wise enough, to stay away from picking up strangers alongside the road, especially at night. You just never know, what might happen next.

Presented as an indie film, a filmmaker named David Rebordão from Portugal, always felt like he could entertain people even at an early age. Some people, actually believe that the footage seen is actually real. Regardless, it is pretty creepy, as you watch these moments in the video. This video has made its way around the internet, especially on Instagram as many people have since become freaked out by it.

One person commented: “This is real. Two people I know we’re driving at the same time and saw this girl in the white dress cross the road or try to commit but some guy pulled her off the road. Then they said the police came and as they did a U turn to see what was going on the girl and the guy and the police disappeared..Now as they were telling me and a friend my friend told them about this video and described the girl and they said it was her..”

Allegedly, this encounter happened back in July 12, 2003 when this found footage video, shows a group of friends pick up a stranger alongside the road, as they track their way to the mountains. The young girl, has a white dress on and is considered to be innocent at first as one of the passengers records everything with their camera.

Teresa Fidalgo Ghost

Her name is Teresa Fidalgo. Before meeting up with her, the group in the car are overheard bickering back and forth, about directions and where to go. One guy says, he has a mental sketch of where they are heading. The girl seen riding shotgun in the seat next to driver, doubts him quite quickly.

Common sense, should tell anyone ghost or not, to never pick up a strangers alongside roads like this. It is suspicious and dangerous nowadays. This video focuses on a fictional White Lady from found footage. The premise of this, is simple yet terrifying at the same time. The location of where this happened took place near Sintra, Portugal.

As rumors spread about this video online, people were receiving the following type messages:

“I am Teresa Fidalgo and if you don’t post this on 20 other photos, I will sleep with you forever.”

Teresa Fidalgo Ghost in car

This quote, was spammed at the bottom of thousands of Instagram pictures. A warning soon followed, a girl and her mother allegedly, died 29 days later. Further research conducted proved that in fact Teresa Fidalgo was the name of a real girl who died back in 1983. It is unknown, if her likeness was used for the video or not. Creepily, Teresa is seen point where she died.

The video, has since provoked and made some paranoid about it and the superstition that goes along with it. Watch the video below for yourself if you dare.

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